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Larry's Library Book Bundle

Introducing an all NEW and exclusive book pack from Professor Larry Schweikart and his Wild World of History! 

You’ll get this great line-up of Professor Larry’s top-rated books autographed by Professor Larry himself:

  • America's Victories (a historical look at America's military)
  • Halsey's Bluff (a counterfactual about World War II: What would have happened if the Japanese had won the battle of Midway)
  • Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents, Vol. 1: from Washington to Taft
  • Politically incorrect Guide to the American Revolution
  • Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and Their War with the Swamp
  • 7 Events That Made America America
  • 48 Liberal Lies

This exclusive autographed book pack is valued at $289.99, but it can be yours today as a Wild World of History member at a special discount of $214.99. Shipping included!

Great for homeschoolers and history enthusiasts alike!