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Make History Click for 9th to 12th Graders
Engaging Video-Based Homeschool History Curriculum by Professor Larry Schweikart


Ever wished history class was as fun and exciting as your favorite show? With our video-based history curriculum, it can be!


Professor Larry Schweikart, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, A Patriot's History of the United States, brings his passion and expertise to life in this engaging curriculum.


Imagine if your child could binge-watch history with a captivating guide who brings the past to life!


That's what you get with our video-based homeschooling curriculum, led by Professor Larry Schweikart – a respected historian with over 30 years of college teaching experience.

Professor Schweikart isn't just a scholar with impressive credentials (including being honored for outstanding scholarship during his time at the University of Dayton). He's a master storyteller with a dynamic and engaging teaching style. His passion for history is contagious, and his video lessons are anything but dry lectures.


Think captivating visuals, interactive activities, and Professor Larry's infectious enthusiasm – all designed to make history come alive for your 9th to 12th graders. This isn't just learning history, it's an adventure they'll never forget.


Explore our Wild World of History Curriculum and ignite a love of history in your child!

 American History Curriculum


eEffortless Learning with Engaging Videos

Ditch the Lesson Plans!


Say goodbye to scrambling for lesson plans and piecing together history from dry textbooks. Our open-and-go video-based homeschooling history curriculum gives you back precious time and peace of mind. We provide all the materials you need, including captivating homeschool history video lessons, student study guides, and a comprehensive teacher's guide for easy reference.


Plus, our video-based homeschooling history curriculum is carefully aligned with national and state history teaching standards, ensuring your child receives a well-rounded and comprehensive history education that meets homeschooling regulations.


Want to take learning a step further?


This isn't your average homeschooling history curriculum! We go beyond just captivating videos. We also offer a variety of resources, like tests and reinforcement activities, to challenge your child in a fun and rewarding way (think engaging quizzes and hands-on projects!). This makes our program adaptable to your child's learning style and allows you to tailor the experience to their needs. Whether you want a light and engaging introduction to history or a more in-depth exploration, this video-based homeschooling history curriculum has you covered.


Just press play on The Wild World of History and ignite your child's curiosity and love of learning with Professor Larry Schweikart as their guide!

The Place for the Number One American and World History Homeschool Curriculum for Middle and High Schoolers

Is Your Homeschool History Curriculum Boring Your Kids (and You)?

Let's be honest, traditional history can be a total drag. Dry textbooks, endless memorization of dates, and monotone lectures are enough to put anyone to sleep. This isn't how history should be taught!

Are you tired of:

  • Struggling to keep your kids engaged with your homeschool history curriculum?
  • Wasting precious learning time with methods that don't work?
  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the whole process?


Here's the truth: You're not alone.


Many homeschooling parents get stuck in a rut, using outdated methods that simply don't resonate with kids today.

Larry Schweikart’s Wild World of History video-based history curriculum teacher with the globe on America

But what if you could make history come alive with a captivating video-based homeschooling history curriculum?

Imagine your kids begging to learn more about the past. What if history became an adventure, not a chore?


Stop settling for the "same old, same old."


Our curriculum throws out the rulebook and uses a variety of engaging techniques, all delivered through our innovative video-based format:

  • Captivating Video Lessons with Professor Larry Schweikart: Professor Larry's dynamic personality brings history to life in our video-based homeschooling history curriculum, making even complex events easy to understand.
  • Interactive Activities: We go beyond lectures with hands-on activities that solidify learning and make history fun.
  • Visually Stimulating Content: Images and maps paint a vivid picture of the past, keeping kids engaged throughout the video-based lessons.
  • A Focus on Significance: We don't just memorize dates. We connect historical events to the bigger picture, helping students understand why the past matters in our curriculum.

Here's an example:

Would you rather your child...


Spend hours memorizing every battle of the Civil War ... or understand the war's lasting impact on America through our engaging video-based homeschooling history curriculum?

The answer is clear.


With our curriculum, your child will gain a deeper understanding of history and its relevance to the world today.

Larry Schweikart’s Wild World of History video-based history curriculum teacher taking a look through a small canon

Professor Larry is a firm believer in "six-touch learning."  What this means for your homeschooling history curriculum:


  • Your child will be exposed to historical information in a variety of ways within the video lessons, ensuring deeper comprehension and retention.
  • This includes lectures, videos, activities, reading materials, and even discussions – just like Professor Larry suggests!

Don't waste another minute on ineffective methods.

Give your child the gift of a love for history with our engaging video-based homeschooling history curriculum.

 American History Curriculum


The only video-based homeschooling history curriculum with Professor Larry Schweikart's dynamic and engaging teaching style

Let's ditch the struggle of piecing together history lessons from dry textbooks! Choose the adventure of Professor Larry Schweikart's engaging video-based homeschooling history curriculum. It sparks a love of learning and reinforces key historical concepts through captivating video lessons.


Beyond Entertainment: Deep Learning and AP Test Prep. Professor Schweikart doesn't just bring history to life; he ensures deep understanding. Each chapter includes a video lesson that reinforces, expands upon, and enhances the written material. Students grasp concepts from different perspectives, gaining a well-rounded historical understanding.


Additionally, the curriculum incorporates preparation for the Advanced Placement (AP) History Test. This is a valuable resource for parents and students aiming to skip college-level history by excelling in the AP exam. The curriculum even includes practice for the "Documents Based Questions" that are a hallmark of AP tests.

Professor Larry Schweikart’s Wild World of History homeschooling history curriculum teacher

Homeschooling History Made Easy
Three Wins for Every Family

Enjoyable to Learn

Forget dry lectures! Our video-based history curriculum brings history to life with captivating visuals and interactive activities. Led by respected historian Professor Larry Schweikart, known for his dynamic and engaging teaching style, these lessons are anything but boring. Professor Schweikart's passion for the past is contagious, turning history into an adventure your child will love!

Easy to Teach

Forget scrambling for lesson plans – our homeschooling history curriculum is designed to be completely open-and-go, requiring no prep work from you. Packed with clear and concise video-based lessons, downloadable teacher guides, and all the resources you need in one place. You'll feel confident and prepared to guide your child's historical journey with Professor Larry Schweikart’s Wild World of History Curriculum.

Empowered Learners

Our curriculum goes beyond passive learning. Students become active participants through interactive activities, thought-provoking questions, and downloadable resources. This fosters critical thinking, analysis, and independent exploration, empowering students to take ownership of their learning.

"The Best Way to Teach History"
See What Parents Are Saying About Our Homeschooling Program


"The course was very interesting and held my child’s attention! I thought the tests and the course were spot on to assess knowledge! Thanks for creating an excellent course!"

Stephanie W.
Homeschool Mom


"Professor Larry's Course on American History is one of the best if not the best way to teach a child American History. My wife is home-schooling my daughter and my daughter loves it. Me being a history buff myself, she is always asking me questions. This is how American History should be taught."

Dru B.
Homeschool Dad


"I would recommend both curriculums to brush up on American and World History for adults and as a primary learning tool for young minds. Larry Schweikart's intensive study of history, years of teaching experience, and research in publishing his own well-known books give an enthusiasm and richness of detail to history that is comprehensive and engaging...what a great way to learn and retain our past!"

Lynne W.
The Old Schoolhouse

Ignite Your Child's Passion for History
Explore Our Engaging Video-Based Curriculum & Optional "Patriot's history Combo" (with autographed books) for a Lifetime of Learning!

American History Homeschool Course

This course traces American history from its founding through 1877, the end of Reconstruction. It incorporates the "Four Pillars" of American exceptionalism – a Christian, mostly Protestant religious foundation; common law; private property with written titles and deeds; and a free market economy – as they shape the early United States.



World History Homeschool Course

This course traces world history – Europe, Africa, Latin America and the United States – from the pivotal year 1775 to present in two roughly equally balanced halves. It incorporates the "Four Pillars" of American exceptionalism, or, more accurately, the absence of these and the effects this absence had on other parts of the world. It includes culture, politics, and economics of the major parts of the world; religious foundation; common law; private property with written titles and deeds; and a free market economy – as they shaped the early United States.



The Patriot's History Combo

Grab two of Professor Larry Schweikart's autographed best-selling history texts, A Patriot's History of the United States and A Patriot's History Reader. These books are the perfect companion to the new historical study you are about the embark on! This exclusive deal won't last long, so snag this physical book deal while it's available exclusively from The Wild World of History.



Professor Larry Schweikart: Your Students' Captivating Guide Through History's Adventures

Homeschooling History Curriculum Teacher Larry Schweikart

Imagine your child asking insightful questions about the past, eager to learn more. This isn't a fantasy – parents consistently tell us how Professor Larry Schweikart's engaging video-based homeschooling history curriculum ignites a love of history in their children. Just last weekend, a parent at a convention exclaimed,


"We don't just like it, we LOVE IT!"


Forget dry textbooks and monotonous lectures. Professor Schweikart, a renowned scholar with a captivating teaching style (30+ years of college teaching experience), brings history to life in our homeschooling history curriculum.  His dynamic personality transforms complex events into exciting adventures, sparking a lifelong love of learning in your child.


But Professor Larry is more than just a storyteller.  He fosters critical thinking skills by encouraging students to analyze information and connect historical events to the bigger picture.


With Professor Larry as your child's guide, history becomes a journey of discovery, not a chore. Explore our video-based history curriculum and embark on a learning adventure together!

Explore American or World History - the choice is yours!

Discover our engaging video-based Homeschooling History Curriculum options.

  • Video Lessons
  • Learning Objectives
  • Visual Aids
  • AP Learning Objectives
  • Planned Hands-On Activities
  • Teacher's Guide with Answers
  • Student Study Guides
  • Tests and Answer Keys
  • Essay Suggestions

Designed to cover 1 part per semester grades 9-12

American History Homeschool Course

Homeschooling history curriculum American History banner

From:  $399

For:  $299

Part I

“Discovery” Through “Reconstruction”

The lessons in part 1 include discussions about the nature and character of the American colonies; the shaping of "American-ness" in language, habits, and culture; and the expansion of Jacksonian democracy during the 19th-century.

Part II

“Reconstruction” Through the Modern Era

The lessons in part 2 of Wild World of History's American History Homeschool Curriculum trace American expansion onto the international stage right up to the present day. The topics covered over the next 12 lessons include the Great Crash of the 1920s, America's participation in World War II, and the decline and restoration of modern American society.

See the Full Course

World History Homeschool Course

Homeschooling history curriculum World History banner

From:  $399

For:  $299

Part I

World History Curriculum: “Origins of the Modern World” through “The Era of Global European Dominance”

Included in the lessons are discussions of the origin of the modern world of their components of the scientific revolution, the notions of religious toleration, and ideas of popular democracy.

Part II

“Emergence of the Modern World” through “The End of Evil Empire, Rise of the New World Order”

This course begins with the emergence of “modern” ideas in Europe and America, particularly the appearance of “progressivism.”

See the Full Course
Cathy Duffy Reviews

Listen to What Expert Homeschool Reviewer Cathy Duffy Has to Say About the Wild World of History


Cathy Duffy, a respected homeschool reviewer, sheds light on why Wild World of History could be the perfect fit for your homeschooling journey.


Here are some key points she highlights:

Captures Attention and Informs

Cathy notes that Larry Schweikart's engaging presentation style makes history, especially American history, "easier than you would think to cover so much material." This captivating approach can significantly boost your child's interest and motivation to delve into the subject.

Easy to Implement

The well-structured course materials include clear teacher guides with suggested activities and resources. This translates to less planning time for you. As Cathy points out, "Both courses include access to video lectures plus PDFs for teaching and student guides, along with tests and answer keys."


While we say you can simply "open and go," be warned! Cathy highlights that the curriculum is so good that you may want to stay. "While parents do not need to watch all of the videos and read all of the material, it is so interesting that parents are likely to enjoy learning along with students.”

Empowers Young Historians

The student guides go beyond simple memorization. Cathy highlights that they "present essay questions with lined space for students to write their responses. The questions challenge students to think deeply..." Lectures and assignments encourage critical thinking and independent analysis of historical events, fostering valuable research and analytical skills.


Additionally, the curriculum caters to diverse learning styles through a variety of activities. Cathy mentions that "The activities appeal to different learning styles and might include crafts or building projects, research, writing, cooking, art, role playing, or field trips."

Cathy Duffy Reviews

To get a well-rounded view of Wild World of History, reading Cathy Duffy's full review is a great next step. She's a respected homeschool reviewer and offers detailed insights beyond what we've covered here.


Would you like to access the full review?

Read the Full Review

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