Hypersonic Homeschool


A New Video Series Exclusively from the Wild World of History!


Hey Homeschoolers!

Tune in and watch as Professor Larry Schweikart interviews the very best educators from around the country who are taking homeschooling into the stratosphere and beyond in Hypersonic Homeschool

Enjoy this brand-new FREE homeschooling series. This is a growing series, created for you as another resource to add to your homeschool. So check back often for new episodes.



Dr. Jay Wile, author of the Science in the Beginning curriculum series and more

Watch as Professor Larry interviews Dr. Jay Wile, author of Science in the Beginning, a comprehensive science curriculum for homeschool students of all ages.

Dr. Jay Wile enjoys making the sciences accessible to homeschool students of all ages from a Creator perspective.


John DeGree, Founder of The Classical Historian

Watch as Professor Larry interviews John DeGree, founder of The Classical Historian - a comprehensive history curriculum for junior high aged homeschool students. 

John DeGree and The Classical Historian educate and inspire youth to seek the truth in history and to champion individual liberty and virtue through the use of history games, the socratic discussion method, and so much more.


Monica Irvine, Founder of The Etiquette Factory

Watch as Professor Larry interviews Monica Irvine, founder of The Etiquette Factory. This comprehensive etiquette curriculum provides homeschooling parents help in developing manners and personal character in their students as well as life skills to prepare them for the future.

From toddler to teenager, The Etiquette Factory provides etiquette lessons for all ages!

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