Professor Larry

America's History Teacher

People call Professor Larry the history teacher you always wished you had.

He’s the rock-and-roll drummer turned teacher who brings history to life—real life—making the characters human, the events relatable and the places vivid. He takes you back in time for a wild adventure that is our past. He shows us how yesterday made us who we are today, and he does it all in his intellectually irreverent “Professor Larry style.”

Who is Larry Schweikart? He’s not only a history guru, he’s a tenured college professor, who once lectured in the halls at the University of Dayton. There, he taught history for 20 years and literally “wrote the book” on the subject. A Patriot’s History. Actually 25 books and counting. Many, New York Times #1 best sellers.

So while the Wild World of History is meant to be fun, engaging and Wow! Know that it has been created and curated by Larry Schweikart, America’s History Teacher, who will take you on a wild ride to understand yesterday, clarify today and turn you into a true wild history lover. Woo hoo! Surprise your friends!

“Professor Larry’s brain holds more history facts, I swear, than the Smithsonian. At any given moment, you may find yourself learning a little-known secret that changed the course of a nation.”

Wild Facts
Professor Larry Schweikart

# 11

Professor Larry Schweikart was a drummer in a Real rock and roll band. He played and opened with iconic 60’s bands like Steppenwolf, and Vanilla Fudge

# 10

A Patriot’s History is used
in thousands of high school and college classrooms across America

# 9

Professor Larry Schweikart is a movie producer and creator of “Rockin’ the Wall, how rock music impacted the collapse of communism” and several other movies

# 8

Professor Larry’s written more than
25 books and A Patriot’s History is in
its 35th printing!

# 7

Look closely. A Patriot’s History is on the bookshelf in the Oval Office in the Netflix show, “House of Cards”

# 6

Famous people like Clint Black, Tom Brady and others are big fans of A Patriot’s History and Professor Larry

# 5

Professor Larry Schweikart often appears as an historical commentator on major news channels

# 4

Professor Larry predicted that Donald Trump would win his first presidential race. He even wrote a book Called How Trump Won in advance of the victory! No one would publish it… until…

# 3

Many of Professor Larry’s history classes at the University of Dayton were Standing Room Only. Nice!

# 2

President George W. Bush invited Professor Larry to the White House!

# 1

Larry is a master at inspiring, among people of all ages, an interest in history because he’s brave enough to make it… wild!

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