The Best Guide to History Curriculum for Homeschool

Many homeschooling families understandably prioritize the core subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, this can sometimes leave social studies, particularly history, on the back burner.

While mastering those foundational skills is crucial, neglecting history does a disservice to your child's education. History is far more than memorizing dates and facts; it's a captivating tapestry of human experiences, stories, failures, triumphs, and invaluable lessons.

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Equipping your homeschool with the best homeschool history curriculum fosters a deeper understanding of the past, helping students connect with the people and societies that came before us. It goes beyond rote memorization and ignites a passion for learning from the triumphs and mistakes of those who walked this earth before us.

In this guide, we'll delve into the importance of a strong homeschool history curriculum, explore why history deserves a prominent place in your homeschool plan, and unpack what a comprehensive history curriculum should cover.

Know Why You Should Teach History in Your Homeschool

Understanding past societies and their people is crucial for homeschooling students. A well-structured homeschool history curriculum helps them grasp the social and natural challenges these societies faced, their mistakes and triumphs, and the innovations they developed.

But the best homeschool history curriculum goes beyond facts and figures. It equips students with critical thinking and analytical skills. They learn to evaluate historical events from multiple perspectives and develop the ability to make informed decisions for the common good – an essential skill for responsible citizens in a diverse, democratic society.

While core subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic might take center stage for elementary homeschoolers, nurturing a love of history at this age is key. After all, children are naturally curious!

History offers valuable lessons about human behavior, fosters cultural awareness, and introduces students to inspiring leaders and individuals. The best part? There are countless ways to make history engaging and fun, even for students who might not gravitate towards traditional social studies.

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What Makes the Best Homeschool History Curriculum?

Unlike many subjects, there's no single "perfect" approach to the homeschool history curriculum. History can be explored through engaging narratives, interactive activities, or classic texts passed down by historians. This variety offers a wealth of options, but it can also make choosing the best homeschool history curriculum a challenge.

Curriculums can vary in their focus, using different materials and approaches to explore the past. Some might delve deeper into specific turning points, while others provide a broader overview. Additionally, homeschooling families should consider state social studies standards (including history) for their area.

Additionally, and for better or worse, each US state typically has its own standards when it comes to social studies (history included) that homeschooling families would have to align with. The National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies provides an outline for some common topics and subjects that a history curriculum should cover.

This typically includes the US history or American History throughout the whole K-12 education, covering topics such as Pre-colonial Native American history, European colonization of the Americas, the history of the student's native state, life in early colonies, slavery, the American Revolution and its impact on society, the founding of the US, and all historical periods leading up to the contemporary US history. 

However, grades 9 through 12 also include world history, covering topics such as ancient human culture and societies, as well as ancient Greece, as the cradle of human civilization, through all events leading to the Cold War and the division of international power.

There are plenty of history programs out there, which only underscores the importance of finding the best homeschool history curriculum for your family. This section next equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

American History Curriculum for Homeschool

american history homeschool curriculum

The typical homeschool American history curriculum spans the entire history of the US in chronological order, from the Native Americans and their civilization and culture to the first European settlers colonizing the Americas, through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the role of the United States in both World Wars, right up to the modern era.

Understanding these events goes beyond memorization. A well-structured American history homeschool curriculum explores the Four Pillars of American exceptionalism. By delving into these core principles, students gain a deeper appreciation for the unique path America has taken. It becomes more than a set of lessons; it's a captivating exploration of a nation's soul, its triumphs, struggles, and enduring spirit.

If you're looking for a well-structured curriculum, there are plenty of homeschool resources, history books, and history courses you can employ.  

However, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Proven curriculums, like Professor Larry Schweikart's American History Homeschool Curriculum, provide a comprehensive open-and-go video-based homeschool American history curriculum. 

Professor Larry Schweikart, a renowned historian with nearly 30 years of experience at the University of Dayton, authored the acclaimed book 'A Patriot's History of the United States'. His homeschool American history curriculum, designed for grades 9-12, guides students through a comprehensive journey of U.S. history, from the early colonial period to the Great Depression. It explores the "Four Pillars" and their influence on America's development.

Effortless learning doesn't have to be shallow! Professor Schweikart's curriculum tackles these historical events through engaging videos, ensuring your child receives a well-rounded and comprehensive education aligned with national and state standards. 

Forget scrambling for lesson plans and piecing together history from dry textbooks! This open-and-go video-based homeschool American history curriculum takes the pressure off homeschooling parents. Simply press play on The Wild World of History and let Professor Schweikart guide your child on a captivating journey through American history.

Ditch the Lesson Plans! Dive Deeper with Engaging Resources. 

Our curriculum provides everything you need for a successful homeschooling experience:

  • Compelling video lessons: Immerse your child in history with captivating visuals and Professor Schweikart's engaging narration.
  • Student study guides: Reinforce learning with clear and concise study materials.
  • Comprehensive teacher's guide: Find easy-to-follow lesson plans and helpful resources, all in one place. 

Want to go deeper? We've got you covered!

This isn't just about effortless learning; it's about fostering a love of history. We offer additional resources like quizzes and hands-on activities to challenge and engage your child. Whether you seek a light introduction or a deeper exploration, Professor Schweikart's curriculum adapts to your child's learning style.

This particular course is aimed at grade levels 9 through 12 and teaches homeschool students everything there is to know about US history from the early colonial period to the Great Crash of 1920. It also includes the "Four Pillars" of American exceptionalism and how it shaped the early US. 

Packed with 22 engaging video lessons, this homeschool American history curriculum can be easily implemented over a semester. Each lesson includes a full-length video, teacher's guide, and free lesson plans. These video components are a valuable asset, allowing students to learn from captivating visuals alongside the written materials, promoting better knowledge retention.

World History Curriculum for Homeschool

world history homeschool curriculum

Unlike the U.S. history curriculum, the homeschool world history curriculum takes a broader approach. Typically aimed at grades 5-9, it delves into the fascinating story of humanity across continents. This often starts with early human societies and then explores the rise of the first civilizations like ancient Greece.

Students journey through the grandeur and eventual fall of the Roman Empire, witnessing the rise of Christianity and other major religions. The curriculum then dives into the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Industrial Revolution. It explores the emergence of nationalism and modern economics, before examining the causes and consequences of World Wars I and II on a global scale. Finally, it culminates in the Cold War and the post-Cold War era.

Professor Larry Schweikart's World History Curriculum offers a comprehensive exploration of history for grades 9-12. This engaging video-based curriculum takes students through 15 full-length lessons on a captivating journey through various eras in European history, from ancient civilizations to modern times. It extends beyond Europe, also covering the rich history of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States (with a more in-depth focus on U.S. history from 1775 onwards).

One distinctive feature of Professor Schweikart's World History Curriculum is its exploration of the "Four Pillars of American Exceptionalism." This curriculum not only examines these core principles but also delves into their influence (or lack thereof) on other parts of the world, fostering a deeper understanding of global historical development.

Finding the Best Homeschool History Curriculum

Not all homeschool history curriculums are made equal. Professor Larry Schweikart's courses are generally aimed at high school students. They might be apt for middle school students as well, but they're not well suited for most elementary school students. In this section, we'll mention some of the most recommended options for elementary, middle school, and high school levels of education.

Homeschool History Curriculum for Elementary School

Children tend to be most curious at this age, which provides a great opportunity to lay the foundations that cultivates further interest in the history of the world and its working. Children are typically most interested in Egypt and its pyramids, Greece and its mythology, and the achievements of the Roman Empire. 

Depending on whether you're going with a secular or faith-based curriculum, several resources can help you cultivate interest in cultures of old in your young ones. The Mystery of History is a fantastic resource that offers a comprehensive journey through time, as well as Master Books America's Story, Story of the World, and Notgrass History

It's worth noting that the literature-based approach isn't the most viable, particularly for young children, as they're mostly still learning to read and write, and history can be a reading-intensive subject. In those situations, it's perhaps best to use audio CDs, videos, or hands-on activities, such as historically themed fairs and events, to teach your child some history. 

homeschool history book for elementary school

Homeschool History Curriculum for Middle School

Middle school is a bit different than elementary school when it comes to history, as you can take two different approaches but still get the desired results. At this stage in their education, homeschooled students are still very much exposed to relatively new ideas, terms, and concepts. 

Take a laid-back approach and tackle only those ideas, terms, and concepts that are relevant instead of piling unnecessary information and fact, and they're more likely to retain the knowledge. 

We'd like to suggest The Mystery of History, a four-volume comprehensive journey throughout time that can be applied to elementary levels as well, or the aforementioned Notgrass History, which also contains language arts, Bible, and social studies in a single textbook set.

homeschool history book for middle school

Homeschool History Curriculum for High School

At this point, you need to ensure that your history studies are on par with the state's requirements. Take the time to conduct your own research on what the requirements for your state are. 

Nearly all states require three high school topics, including American history, world history, and economics. The benefit of this curriculum is that you can customize it to an extent and cover these three topics in an order you see fit. 


However, there are certain things you might want to pay attention to, like matching the history curriculum with English requirements, which allows students to earn both unit studies simultaneously so that everything interconnects and fits together nicely. This type of complementary learning is more likely to "stick" with the students. 

Professor Larry Schweikart's American History Homeschool Curriculum and World History Curriculum will do a fantastic job of preparing your high school student for any test or exam. However, it's worth noting that some states or institutions also included US geography, government, and economics as part of their exams or tests, so you'll want to prepare for those separately.


We hope our guide has provided you with valuable information on why a well-structured homeschool history curriculum is important for your student's education, why you should teach history at your homeschool, and what a good homeschool history curriculum covers. 

The program you're teaching your high school students must be on par with the state's standard for social studies, which is why we recommend Professor Larry Schweikart's American History and World History Homeschool Curriculum.

We hope this guide has equipped you to navigate the exciting world of homeschool history! Understanding the importance of a well-structured homeschool history curriculum, the benefits of teaching history, and the key historical periods covered are all crucial steps in choosing the best homeschool history curriculum for your needs.

When selecting a curriculum for your high schooler, ensuring it aligns with state social studies standards is paramount. This is where Professor Larry Schweikart's American History and World History Homeschool Curriculums excel. Both programs are designed to meet these rigorous benchmarks, giving you peace of mind and a curriculum you can trust.

Professor Schweikart's curriculums provide in-depth exploration of both American and world history, delivered in a captivating binge-worthy video-based format.

The American History program delves into everything from the early days of colonization to the Great Depression of 1920. The World History curriculum takes students on a captivating journey from the dawn of civilization to the post-Cold War era and the major power shifts that followed.

The added bonus? Professor Schweikart's curriculums are designed with busy parents in mind. Easy-to-follow teacher's guides and downloadable resources make lesson planning a breeze. These resources empower you to guide your child's historical journey with confidence, even on a busy schedule.

Ready to embark on this exciting historical adventure with your student? Visit the Wild World of History store! You'll find Professor Larry Schweikart's American History Homeschool Curriculum and World History Curriculum available for purchase, alongside complementary resources like "The Patriot's History of the US" and "The Patriot's History Reader" books, ebooks, educational bundles, and more.

"The course was very interesting and held my child's attention! I thought the tests and the course were a spot on to assess knowledge! Thanks for creating an excellent course!"

- Stephanie W.



Professor Larry Schweikart and the Wild World of History are proud to be your trusted source for fact-based history homeschool curriculum and resources



Professor Larry Schweikart and the Wild World of History are proud to be your trusted source for fact-based history homeschool curriculum and resources

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