Best homeschool high school history curriculum

Best Homeschool High School History Curriculum

World history should be an essential part of a child’s education, especially as they get older and become more curious about the world around them. And in the US, our world history curriculum helps to take teenagers on a journey back in time as they explore ancient civilizations and discover the marvelous inventions and technology that helped to shape the world we live in today. But learning about this subject at home can be challenging, but with the best homeschool history curriculum resources for high school students, you can bring history back to life.

The Best History Curriculum for Homeschool: When Education Meets Entertainment

The traditional method of teaching world history curriculum involves memorizing dates and learning the names of people who are long gone. But let’s be honest, recalling facts can often be boring and monotonous for adults, let alone a teenager. So when it comes to homeschooling, or indeed any schooling, edutainment, the blend of education and entertainment, is vital when teaching world history at home. This is something we at the Wild World of History fully endorse. If you make it fun, your son or daughter is far more likely to be engaged and listening, and they’ll be learning without even realizing it!

A varied and well-rounded world history curriculum will help you make world history home lessons exciting, fun, and engaging. High school homeschool curriculum resources that include videos, webinars, games, student participation, and lectures, along with standard textbooks, will help keep your lessons varied and interesting.

Many homeschooling websites, like Wild World of History, offer a ‘try before you buy’ feature, so you can try out the curriculum and resources to see if they work for your family. As a major bonus, we created a How to Teach History’ ebook which we’d love to share with you for free!

Tips For High School Homeschool World History Curriculum Lessons

Storytelling Strengthens Memory Recall

Learning dates and events is important when it comes to studying world history, but behind every date and event are real people with real lives. So when you are learning about certain historical events, make sure to focus on stories and examine the lives of the people who lived through those events. This is one of the best homeschool history curriculum methods as it adds a human aspect to the information and allows your imagination to paint a picture of what actually took place all those years ago.

As we said earlier, human history covers thousands of years - so a lot of the time, knowing where to start is a tricky decision to make. Well, to begin with, avoid ancient history altogether. Turn your focus inwards and, together with your child, investigate the history of your own family and community. Whether you’re researching your family tree or discovering where your surname comes from, your child will be learning their history and how it applies to them. This will not only be fun but also engaging. Then you can start building on this and teaching how their history ties into world history and focusing more on the US history curriculum since this will be the most relatable.

Get Up & Start Moving While Teaching At Home

In such a digital-first world, standing up and moving around can make all the difference when it comes to teaching at home. We all are guilty of spending way too much time in front of a screen, so when teaching world history curriculum, use movement to keep young minds interested. For example, you could re-enact a scene from history or learn a song from the past. Then you can spend time teaching about the period that the scene or song came from and what was going on at that time. Not only will this be entertaining, it will help your teenagers retain the information they need for future exams.

And you don’t have to confine your lessons to your home either. You can often find some of the best homeschool history curriculum resources within local museums, libraries, and landmarks, many of which are free of charge.

This also demonstrates to your kids that history isn’t just something you can read about in books - it’s all around us in our everyday lives. Again, students learn best by doing, so physically going to see artifacts and exhibits related to your world history curriculum will be highly beneficial. 

Final Thoughts

The key to teaching world history is to keep lessons engaging, relatable, and interesting. That’s where Professor Larry Schweikart and The Wild World of History can help, providing quality fact-based world history homeschool curriculum and resources. Prof Larry is a rock-and-roll drummer turned professor with a gift for bringing history to life by making historical figures, humans and events relatable.


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