Other Walls 2 Fall

movie movies music and rock n roll history Oct 29, 2020

Other Walls 2 Fall continues the story of how music continues as a force for freedom and liberation through-out the world. It is about music's power to break down political and institutional barriers - in this case, to penetrate and transform closed and oppressive societies. The music industry itself became another wall that fell before the exploding power of the internet.

Other Walls 2 Fall features appearances by contemporary music stars such as rapper Busta Rhymes, country music star Clint Black, new age music celebrity Yanni, Christian rocker Lincoln Brewster, and a host of other up-and-coming musical talents from America and around the world.


In addition to interviews with dissidents and musicians from Iran, Pakistan, and Cambodia, including a one-of-a-kind interview with the heavy metal band "Sacrificed Squad" from inside Tehran, the film also includes interviews and music from Cambodian rapper praCh Ly, who is on a death list from his government, and Pakistani star Salman Ahmad, known as the "Bob Dylan of Islam."


All the musicians - well known celebrities or foreign stars - speak to the power of music in the international arena to change hearts and shatter walls. Interviews include performance video as well.

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