homeschooling history in high school

Homeschooling History in High School: Selecting the Appropriate Curriculum


The years spent in high school are critical for any student, and selecting the appropriate history curriculum for use in a homeschool setting is essential for facilitating academic success and cultivating a love of learning. It is essential, whether you are a parent or an educator, to have a solid understanding of the most important considerations to make when choosing a high school homeschool history curriculum that will cater to the requirements of your student. You will have an easier time navigating this crucial decision with the assistance of Wild World of History, which provides in-depth history courses on both the United States and the rest of the world that are geared toward high school homeschoolers.

When Choosing a History Curriculum, It Is Important to Consider the Following Key Factors

When selecting a homeschool history course for high school students, the following considerations should be made:

Look for a curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive grasp of the past by covering a wide variety of historical topics, such as those found in both American and world history. It is essential to make certain that the educational program exposes students to a variety of viewpoints and encourages their participation in a range of historical events, cultural practices, and time periods.

Style of Teaching:

A curriculum should include a mix of traditional teaching methods and multimedia resources to keep students involved and motivated. This will allow for a variety of learning styles to be accommodated within the program. Choose a course that integrates a variety of teaching methods, such as lectures, readings, videos, and hands-on activities, to maintain your student's level of interest and enthusiasm in the subject of history study.

Developing Critical Thinking: 

Choose a curriculum that encourages critical thinking, analytical abilities, and historical context, as well as fosters independent thought and research. This will help them develop critical thinking. Students will be encouraged to explore deeper into the topic at hand, conduct in-depth analyses of historical events and ideas, and draw parallels between the past and the present as a result of this.


This is essential, since it ensures that the student will have a learning experience that is both engaging and challenging. The curriculum you choose should be able to be utilized to meet the individual requirements and pursuits of each student. Find a program that enables you to choose the lessons and assignments so that they correspond with the way your student learns, the pace at which they learn, and the topics that they are interested in studying.

Evaluations and Tracking Students' Progress

You should look for a curriculum that combines periodic evaluations and tracking your student's progress so that you can evaluate your student's level of comprehension and growth. 

The All-Inclusive Methodology That Wild World of History Uses in Its History Courses

When it comes to homeschooling history at the high school level, Wild World of History provides a method that is both active and interesting. Students obtain a well-rounded education that touches on a wide variety of historical eras and themes by taking courses in both American and world history.

History of the United States

The goal of the American History course at Wild World of History is to impart an in-depth knowledge of the history of the United States, beginning with the early colonial era and continuing up to the present day. Students are immersed in the historical events, people, and ideas that contributed to the formation of the nation through the use of entertaining video lessons, quizzes, and supplemental resources.

Throughout the duration of the course, students will investigate a wide variety of key issues and events in American history, including the establishment of the United States of America, the growth of its political system, the aftereffects of the Civil War, the progression of civil rights legislation, and many more. Students will acquire a holistic comprehension of the historical backdrop and how it relates to the present world thanks to the curriculum, which has been meticulously constructed to provide a well-rounded and in-depth exploration of the aforementioned themes.

History of the world

A similarly compelling investigation of the historical landscape of the world can be found in the World History course that is offered at Wild World of History. This course explores the various cultures, historical events, and prominent personalities that have contributed to the formation of the world as we know it today, beginning with ancient civilizations and continuing up to the present day.

Students will go on a fascinating trip through history, going through research on a variety of historical topics, including ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the World Wars. By investigating the ways in which human societies are intertwined and the effects on a global scale.

How to Teach History - You Can be an Exceptional History Teacher!

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