The History Lessons You Didn’t Learn in School

american history lecture speech or interview Dec 03, 2020


I had a good conversation with TJ Hale on the Oh Hale YEAH podcast about ... what else ... American History!

From Oh Hale YEAH!

Larry Schweikart wrote the "Patriots History of the United States of America" among many others.

It's a fantastic book, especially for those tricked into thinking Good Will Hunting (Matt Damon) was actually a genius. Howard Zinn is a communist sympathizer who taught Marx & Lenin. We should all be shocked that Zinn cherry picked history in his exhaustive work that is widely used as a textbook or supplement for high schools & universities.

Some tidbits from our chat:

  • Dr. Schweikart got a political science degree without being required to take history…sadly this wasn’t surprising. Thanks College.
  • How Martin Van Buren started the political spoils system, by design, when he formed the democratic party.
  • How this spoils system steadily increased the size of government, providing favors & jobs for party loyalty.
  • The Republican Party was created to end slavery. Period.
  • The Whigs (Early America’s political RINOs) and their demise.
  • There is no such thing as GREEK Exceptionalism. (Sorry Obama)
  • The Four Pillars of American Exceptionalism (Few countries possess these and none were founded with them)
  • Christian Religious Foundation
  • Common Law (People will elect people who support laws they already know/support)
  • Free Market
  • Private Property with Titles & Deeds.
  • If taxes should be collected, not withheld, democrats cease to get elected.
  • How citizens were tricked into accepting an income tax (Hint = It was a tax strictly on the uber rich)
  • Should politicians should serve in their home states instead of Washington DC? (The sole purpose of the city is to take money from some and give to others)
  • Example of how textbooks are guaranteeing students know jack about history.
  • 1800s had extremely high voter turnout, when these laws were changed to eliminate property ownership, people stopped voting in high numbers.
  • And my favorite: Net New Jobs in Europe through the 1980s= ZER0 Ronald Reagan Recovery Net New Jobs= 14 million

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