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Why World History Curriculum Can Be Challenging To Teach At Home

Many parents agree that the world history curriculum is the hardest subject to teach at home – there are countless topics and periods to include and a whole world of knowledge (literally!) to wrap your head around.

Yet it’s an important topic nonetheless for kids to make sense of our world and develop personally, as well as witness other cultures and experiences that’ll benefit them in the long run.

While our homeschool highschool curriculum resources are designed to make it easier to teach world history at home, we do understand that it’s still a struggle for many parents. To help, we’ve compiled this list of reasons why the world history curriculum can be challenging and what we’re doing to help!

Your Knowledge May Be Limited

When starting their homeschooling journey, many parents realize that the curriculum failed them, and they’re not actually very knowledgeable on some key world history curriculum topics. This can make teaching homeschool high school curriculum seem overwhelming at first. 

But don’t worry, many homeschool parents are in exactly the same boat as you, and we’ve designed all of our homeschool resources and lesson plans to include teaching guides for parents and instructors to consult. Instantly, you’ll feel the weight lift from your shoulders as teaching world history curriculum feels like a much more accessible task.

The Magnitude of World History Can Be Daunting

As the name suggests, world history encompasses the entire world, so finding a suitable starting point or narrowing down the key topics can seem difficult. There are so many periods, locations, and major events that all seem important, and time is a limiting factor when covering this massive umbrella of homeschool high school curriculum lessons.

Our world history curriculum course provides a more niche and focused look to break into world history without being too daunting. You’ll still cover all crucial elements (which we’ve detailed to save you the hassle) without feeling like you need to cram in every detail from ancient history all the way to modern events.

Many Resources Only Actually Focus on America

As a parent, you’re probably familiar with the ongoing struggle of scouring the internet for homeschool resources only to continually land on US history sites. Many history teachers are well-versed in American history, but world history often gets left behind, and so online guides tend to follow this trend.

With our world history curriculum course, you’re guaranteed to find a reliable world history curriculum that actually covers the world. Sure, we still keep America somewhat at the forefront, so students are able to relate to more difficult concepts, but they’ll also gain a much broader perspective of the entire world.

It’s Hard To Include Other Perspectives and Viewpoints

World history is at its richest and most authentic when it includes the voices and perspectives of people from other countries, cultures, and religions. Yet, with home history lessons, it can be difficult to gain viewpoints out of your scope and the local area.

Not only is Professor Larry able to bring history to life, with characters that feel human and places that seem vivid, but his lectures also benefit from a variety of other perspectives. Each lesson includes additional videos, documentaries, books, and activities that’ll enrich your child and give them an entirely new outlook on their world history curriculum.

Finding Trustworthy Homeschool High School Curriculum Resources Is Hard

The Internet is filled with history videos and websites, but knowing which ones are actually of high quality and stick to the syllabus is a different issue. 

Rather than taking a shot in the dark, we recommend our specially designed homeschool curriculum history lessons that will guide you and your kids on a thrilling journey back in time. If you’re looking for resources for you as the teacher, look no further than our How to Teach History’ ebook which we’d love to share with you for free! 

Professor Larry has over 30 years as a professor at the University of Dayton and has authored 25 books, many of which are New York Times bestsellers, so you can guarantee that your kids will be getting a world-class education.

Hopefully, teaching the world history curriculum now feels like less of a struggle and more enjoyable for both you and your kids. Feel free to check out our shop for all the classes and guides available.

How to Teach History - You Can be an Exceptional History Teacher!

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